Settle into your very own look.

Ask us to design a space, and we create it by drawing on your vision and your specific tastes. That’s why no two interiors are ever alike. We’ve designed single-family homes, small business offices, one room, or several floors. Red Carrot Design’s Jill King works with you to learn the goals for your interior space. Creating all that you want your interior decorating to be, and the atmosphere you imagine. Then she makes it happen – and surrounds you with an impeccable style. It’s tastefully crafted, beautifully comfortable, and customized to your palate.

Jill succeeds with interior decorating projects of any type – single-family homes, small businesses, or vacation condos.

Below are just a few of the services we offer:

Interior Makeovers or Redesign

Sometimes, the best way to update a new home or office is by making smart changes to the one you already own. Whether you want a brighter-looking home, an office that’s more inviting, or a room that better reflects your personality, we’ll help you find your vision and bring it to life all while working within the project’s budget.

New Construction

Building a new home or office is a challenging and stressful process. Meeting project deadlines, creating a cohesive vision and working with contractors is critical. Our team at Red Carrot Design is just what you need to help your home or office project succeed. We can create a comfortable living and working space that you will love.

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