1. Discovery

The project assessment in our discovery phase is critical to understanding the issues and goals for all of our client projects. A successful project outcome requires working with senior decision-makers or homeowners in the initial phase. The more information we can collect at the beginning of each project. It helps us to deliver value for the client’s future state.

2. Proposal

Upon completing the discovery phase, we review all the critical information. A typical proposal will contain up to three options for review. After the proposal is approved, a statement of work, an agreement, and a deposit are collected.

3. Kick-off

During the kick-off meeting, we review our clients’ objectives, schedule, and future state. To ensure the information collected during the discovery phase is accurate.

4. Design

The design phase is when we align the critical project data with the visual elements. During this phase, we share insights and visual mockups developed by our team.

5. Review

After the project, we send a questionnaire to our clients so they can share their project experience with us. The information we collect helps us to learn and improve our client engagement.


A typical client project ranges between $5,000 and $30,000. Our minimum level of engagement is an estimated price for our professional design services. Our consultants will help guide you through our process and develop an accurate value based on your future state and your project requirements.

All of our services are covered under our master services agreement. Read the entire MSA online at redcarrotdesign.com/master-services-agreement.

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