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Sears bedroom interior
Sears dining room
Sears living room and fireplace
Sears living room
Sears home office
Sears entry and stairs

Interiors for a home remodel in Anchorage, AK

This single-family home in Anchorage, Alaska, needed interior decor and furnishing updates. The project included the dining room, living room, guest bedroom, two baths, and office space.

Featured in: Fall 2015 issue of Alaska Home Magazine

The Problem/Issue: Homeowners wanted a unified remodeling plan

Our Solution: Designed and developed a cohesive interiors plan for a repeat client. Jill developed a design solution that borrowed from the wishes of both homeowners and helped them select the right finishes and decor items they loved. The spaces Jill created were cozy, whimsical, and functional. For the homeowners, it was critical that they hire a professional who listened to and understood their needs.

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