Homeowners throughout the United States are selecting exterior house colors that complement their region. In the North, you will see cooler, more muted exterior colors. Homeowners in the South prefer warmer and bolder tones.

In the Northeast, many colors are chosen because of their proximity to the coast. Classic combinations for historic homes are an excellent choice for many of these architectural styles. The use of white or black on the exterior and grey on the interior of homes are on the rise.

Northwestern colors tend to be monochromatic and nature-inspired. These colors reflect the climate of the Pacific shore and the forests. Grey’s, blues, and deep green are common. In the Midwest, exterior colors such as putty, rust, wheat, mustard, browns, and greens are favorite.

Colors such as tans, beige, cream, copper, terra-cotta, and sand colors are prevalent in the Southwest. Local building materials like adobe or stucco and Hispanic and Native American cultures inspire.

In the West, exterior colors such as greens, putty, browns, and stone colors are used. These hues tend to reflect the mountains and natural elements commonly seen in nature.

If you can’t decide on what colors to choose for your home, we recommend hiring a color or interior specialist. They will interview you and guide you through their project discovery process.

The best interior decorating plans are based on your home’s architectural style, your local landscape, and the cultural heritage of your community.

Source: amykranecolor.com


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