A web security plan guards your website against online threats by keeping your site secure, protected, and safe from vulnerabilities. Below are the top 5 benefits of having an active web security plan.

1. Web Application Firewall

Firewall filters and blocks malicious traffic from reaching your website. Preventing malware or hackers from creating online chaos.

2. Security Monitoring

Automatically scans your website notifying us about server downtime, threats, or changes to your website settings.

3. Software Updates

One of the leading causes of website infection is outdated software. Hackers create scripts or bots that scan millions of websites on the web, searching for known vulnerabilities to exploit. Simply installing the latest software that contains critical updates and security patches will help protect your website from an infection.

4. Website Accelerator

It helps to streamline and manage the speed and performance of your website. No matter where your visitors live. Providing fast delivery of your web content is critical to keeping your visitors engaged and active on your website.

5. Website Backups

Backups of your website allow you to restore content that was accidentally removed or infected. Do you need protection for your website?

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